160 SECU Base Stain T011


Priming Oil for priming of windows, exterior doors, façade claddings, eaves boards and the like..


Thinning White Spirit. For dipping and flow-coat adjust visc. to 13-14 sec/DIN4 (approx. 1:1 fort. with White Spirit)
Tools Brush, Dipping
Application +5° C to +25° C. RF: 40-80%
Coverage Rough saw timber: 2-5 m²/Liter Planed timber: 8-10 m²/Liter
Drying 6-8 hours, recoatable after 24 hours at 20 ° C 65% RH
Colours Clear, can be tinted in transparent shades
Materials 1600013 SECU Base Stain T011 *Clear 2,7
1600018 SECU Base Stain T011 *Clear 18L