555 B3 Semi transparent Woodcare


Thixotropic wood stain with its water resistant and rich film, retains its flexibility and adhesion, which makes it possible for the surface film to record natural movements of the wood. Used for untreated but preservative protected wood or wood previously treated with solvent-borne wood stain. The product contains agents that protect the surface film against fouling. Added UV absorber along with the pigmentation protects against the sun's harmful ultraviolet beams. For the same reason, the product should not be used as a colourless treatment.


Gloss Approx. 30, semigloss
Thinning Not to be thinned
Tools Brush, Roller or Spraying
Application +5° C to +25° C. RF: 40-80%
Coverage Rough saw timber: 2-5 m²/Liter Planed timber: 8-10 m²/Liter
Drying 6-8 hours, recoatable after 24 hours at 20 ° C 65% RH
Materials 5550012 Wood Stain Semi Transp. SB *Clear 0,9 L
5550015 Wood Stain Semi Transp. SB *Clear 4,5 L