738 Humid room paint, Vådrumsmaling


Vådrumsmaling 738 is based on an advanced acrylic binder for humid rooms, industrial kitchens, factories and the pharmaceutical industry. The product is suitable for concrete, gypsum board, plaster etc. The paint gives a strong and resistant surface and a part of B&J Bathroom system. Information on Contains materials, that protect the film against surface mold.


Gloss Approx. 40 Semi gloss
Thinning Water. Normally not to be diluted
Tools Brush, roller or airless
Application +10 ºC to + 25º C. RH: 40-80%
Coverage Approx. 10 m²/ltr on planed wood
Drying 2-4 hours, recoatable after approx. 12 hours at +20 °C og 65% RF
Colours White and B&J tinting system in light shades
Materials 7381012 Vådrumsmaling 0,9 L
7381013 Vådrumsmaling 2,7 L
7381016 Vådrumsmaling 9 L