875 Cover-It, Opaque, Solvent-borne


Semi-gloss alkyd oil paint especially suitable for windows and other woodwork outdoors. The Paint has very strong and, washable surface that appears smooth and mellow. That makes it highly suitable for applications where both the aesthetic as well as functional portion must be present. Contains agents that protect the coating against fouling.


Gloss Approx. 50 semi-gloss
Thinning White spirit
Tools Brush or spray
Application +5° C to +25° C. RF: 40-80%
Coverage Approx. 10 m²/ltr on planed wood
Drying 6-8 hours, recoatable after 24 hours at 20 ° C 65% RH
Colours White and B&J tinting system
Materials 8750012 Cover-It SB *Clear 0,9 L
8750013 Cover-It SB *Clear 2,7 L
8751012 Cover-It SB *White 0,9 L
8751013 Cover-It SB *White 2,7 L