220 PU Floor Varnish Gloss 20


Matt 1 component polyurethane / acrylic floor varnish for light wood types like pine, beech and oak. The product can be used in homes, where an matt treatment that can withstand normal wear and tear is desired.


Thinning Water
Tools Short nap roller or brush
Application +10 ºC to + 25º C. RH: 40-80%
Coverage Approx. 10 m²/ltr on planed wood
Drying About 2 hours, overcoatable after approx. 4 hours, you can walk on it after approx. 8 hours and fully cured after 5-7 days (+ 20 ° C, RH: 60%)
Colours Clear
Materials 2200202 PU Floor Lacquer Gloss 20 WB 1 L
2200205 PU Floor Lacquer Gloss 20 WB 5 L