505 B3 Semi Transp. Wood Protection


Traditional Semi transparent wood based on alkyd oil. Contains agents that protect the coating against fouling. The product has an excellent penetration into the wood, creating a hydrophobic surface that stabilizes and prevents shrinkage cracks in the wood. Added UV absorber, which together with the pigmentation protects against the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. For the same reason, the product should not be used as a colorless treatment. Contains materials, that protect the film against surface mold.


Thinning Not to be thinned
Tools Brush, Roller or Spraying
Application +5° C to +25° C. RF: 40-80%
Coverage 5-10 m²/ltr. Depending on the absorption
Drying 6-8 hours, recoatable after 24 hours at 20 ° C 65% RH
Colours Clear, can be tinted in transparent shades
Materials 5050012 B3 Semi Transp. Wood Prot. *Clear 0,9 L
5050015 B3 Semi Transp. Wood Prot. *Clear 4,5 L