788 S-Emaille


High solid thixotropic trim pant with high filling capacity. Easy to use for interior woodworks, as doors and panels. Du to the binder the product is not recommendable for radiators and window sills.


Gloss Approx. 40 Semi gloss
Thinning Water
Tools brush and roller
Application +10 ºC to + 25º C. RH: 40-80%
Coverage Rough saw timber: 2-5 m²/Liter Planed timber: 8-10 m²/Liter
Drying 2-4 hours, recoatable after approx. 12 hours at +20 °C og 65% RF
Colours White, can be tinted with B&J tinting colours
Materials 7880013 S-Enamel Tix Acryllic WB *C 2,7 L
7881013 S-Enamel Tix Acryllic WB *White 2,7 L
7882053 S-Enamel Tix Acryllic WB Off White 2,7 L