722 Kombi 5


High solid first coat for walls of plaster, glass fabrics or solid wall filler. Also to be used as finish coat in secondary rooms. Suitable for plaster, wall covering and wall filler When used on Wall filler, this has to be of good and, stable quality and well dried. Test must be made. Emission class M1 (EMCBM), DGNB 100 TLP-point


Gloss App. 5, matt
Thinning Water
Tools Brush, roller or airless
Application +10 ºC to + 25º C. RH: 40-80%
Coverage Approx. 4-8 m²/ltr.
Drying 2-4 hours, recoatable after approx. 12 hours at +20 °C og 65% RF
Colours Off white 205, NCS-S 0500
Cetificat EU-Ecolabel
Materials 7221056 Kombi 5 NCS S 0500 N 10 L
7222056 Kombi 5 Brækket Hvid 10 L