502 B3 Wood Oli


Traditional wood oil for new treatment and maintenance of wooden decking, garden furniture, facades and the like. Recommended for impregnated, thermo impregnated, hard wood and oak Wood oil has a good penetration into the wood and creates a water repellent surface that stabilizes and prevents shrinkage cracks in the wood. Contains active UV filter against the sun's harmful rays and special water-repellent waxes. Contains materials, that protect the film against surface mold.


Thinning White Spirit. Should normally not be diluted
Tools Brush, cloth or sponge
Application +5° C to +25° C. RF: 40-80%
Coverage 5-10 m²/ltr. Depending on the absorption
Drying 6-8 hours, recoatable after 24 hours at 20 ° C 65% RH
Colours Clear, can be tinted in transparent shades
Materials 5020012 B3 Wood Oli *Clear 0,9 L
5020013 B3 Wood Oli *Clear 2,7 L
5020016 B3 Wood Oli *Clear 9 L
5020352 Wood Oil Pine/DS 0,9 L
5020353 Wood Oil Pine/DS 2,7 L