752 Wood Oil Water-borne


Drying wood oil for maintenance of larch, pine, pressure treated wood and dark hard woods. The product has a good penetration into the wood, creating a hydrophobic surface that stabilizes and prevents shrinkage cracks in the wood. B3 Wood Oil containing active UV filter against the sun's harmful rays and is slightly thixotropic, which gives the product a light anti-drip effect.


Thinning Not to be thinned
Tools Brush, cloth or sponge
Application +10 ºC to + 25º C. RH: 40-80%
Coverage 5-10 m²/ltr. Depending on the absorption
Drying 1-2 hours, recoatable after approx. 16 hours at 20 ° C 65% RH.
Colours Clear, can be tinted in transparent shades
Materials 7520015 Wood Oil WB *Clear 4,5 L